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“Thanks to all of you for the excellent dental care you have provided to us over the years. We would also like to thank you for your passion, compassion, empathy and friendship. Your efforts have allowed us to SMILE with confidence during all of those Kodak moments we have experienced in our lifetime.”

Joe Fries, Davenport

“There is a reason I have been with Christine Dahl for over 20 years. This is why…

When I first started going to Christine, I had not had dental insurance. So that said, my teeth had been ignored. My 1st cleaning session took 2 appointments. Her staff whittled away at getting them all cleaned up. I also had cavities that needed to be filled. I hated getting that done, but Christine is so gentle and kind. She was and always has been so conscientious about my comfort level. She has a way of putting me at ease. Instead of getting root canals as recommended before having insurance, I would have them pull the teeth. It was cheaper.

I now have 2 bridges that Christine did a beautiful job with. How nice. A full mouth of teeth that are no muss no fuss. Wow. It has been a number of years ago and I have never had a problem in any way with them.

I also took my children to her. My youngest daughter (age 4 at the time) was so deathly afraid, Christine actually recommended I take her to a specialist instead of putting her in a situation that might affect her for the rest of her life. That meant a lot to me, and not all dentists would do that. Again, Christine ALWAYS puts her patients needs before her own.

When my permanent teeth came in, I had what they call “peg laterals.” What that means is that my eye teeth were small. I was always self-conscious about them. I would practice smiling so that they would not show as much. A few years ago, Christine suggested that we put veneers on them. I am here to tell you, she changed my life! When she showed them to me in the mirror, I cried. Christine cried. We hugged. I couldn’t believe my eyes! My being self-conscious about them was no longer a concern. I am in sales and my confidence level increased tenfold. Smiling is my favorite thing to do to this day. When she and I talk about it today, we both get choked up. It was a total transformation.

My last check up with Christine turned up a cavity in my front tooth. My other front tooth was chipping and getting thin. She put bonding on them and they are beautiful again. It matches my color perfectly. No one would ever know unless they looked at my chart.

I have recommended several patients to Christine over the years and strongly recommend you try her too.

Getting older with Christine as my dentist, has helped me keep a youthful looking set of teeth. I just wish she had a magic eraser for the wrinkles.

Thank you Christine!”

Patti Bellman, Eldridge

mart“Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the bridge and the professional, kind and gentle service that I received from you and your staff. Please know that I recommend you to my friends, family and co-workers who are looking for great dental care.

Thank you for giving me back my “confident” smile. No one can tell there is a bridge there – a perfect fit and they look like my own teeth.”

Marta Nelson, Bettendorf

“I used to be death afraid to go to the dentist. I was even afraid to get my teeth cleaned. I had several bad experiences with my childhood dentist and hygienist. The fear carried over into adulthood. Even though intellectually I knew it was a childish fear, I couldn’t shake it.

Then an acquaintance told me about Dr. Dahl. I told Dr. Dahl I was a coward. She promised to tell me everything that was going on and said if I felt any pain or discomfort to raise my hand and she would stop and do what was needed to make me comfortable.

She was able to do what no dentist before had ever even tried. She instilled trust in me. For the firs time in my life I trusted my dentist not to hurt me! Now that fear is gone and I feel like I have a normal and healthy response to going to the dentist. I enjoy going and seeing her and her staff. The entire office is very pleasant.”

Rhonda Voss, Davenport

“Although I have only been a patient at Bettendorf Dental for less than a year, during that time Dr. Dahl and her wonderful staff have accomplished what no other dentist has been able to do in half-a-century. Not only has Dr. Dahl given me healthy and pain free teeth, but in the process she has also improved my overall health.

I am constantly amazed at the level of skill, efficiency and friendliness of everyone at Bettendorf Dental. Their willingness to listen to the patient and devise solutions is very refreshing. Bettendorf Dental is truly a benchmark to measure not just other dental care providers, but the general health care industry.

My wife was so impressed by Dr. Dahl and her staff, that now she is also a patient, as is our granddaughter. We can never say enough good things about the excellent care we receive at Bettendorf Dental and we recommend Dr. Dahl to everyone.

While Dr. Dahl will be my dentist for as long as she stays in practice, she will always be my friend. Thanks for everything Doc.”

Bob Anderson LeClaire, IA

dick“I just want you to know how pleased I am with the work you did on my front tooth. Not only did you work me into your schedule on short notice, but you also did the finest job of dental craft I have ever seen!

The best part of it all was that it was an absolutely painless experience. While I’m at it, let me also give kudos to your staff members who always have a professional attitude and who are always helpful.”

Dick Hanzelka Bettendorf

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Dahl since I was a little girl. Twenty-three years later there’s still nobody I trust with my teeth more than her! She’s the best.”

Jacqueline Dolan Moline, IL

“I have always been afraid of dentists. When I was very young I had 2 cavities filled without Marcie Meekerany novocaine. I saw Dr. Dahl, she told me I needed a cavity filled. My blood pressure started going up, they then offered N2O. They made sure I was comfortable, gave me the N2O, watched by blood pressure. I have never experienced such kindness and understanding from a dentist and staff about my fear. I am now NOT to afraid to go to the dentist or have work done.

Thank you, Dr. Dahl and staff.”


Marcie Meeker, Bettendorf

fam“We are the ultimate scardy cats. We were new to the Quad City area so I asked for referrals for a dentist from some of my co-workers. Several came forward with Dr. Dahl’s name. They said she was the only dentist they would see. It was time for both my kids and I to have a dental exam. So, I called Dr. Dahl’s office and made our appointment. My daughter was a trooper and went right in. She was a little scared but she watched cartoons through most of her exam. My son and I were much more reluctant to go in to see Dr. Dahl. Dr. Dahl and all of her staff made us feel much more relaxed. They talked to us and explained everything they were going to do. They put Oprah on for me to watch and cartoons for my son. They have TV’s in all the their exam room’s. It helps to keep your mind on other things. It was the best dental exam I ever had. Dr. Dahl has the most modern equipment available. She showed me I had a cracked tooth with a camera. I had no idea I had a cracked tooth. I’m so glad she caught it early. She was able to repair it early before it was serious. She examined all of my teeth and gums and charted them for future reference.

My son had to have his first filling and was very upset about it. He did not want to have a needle anywhere near him. Dr. Dahl showed him what she would do and talked him right through it. My son said “That was easy…not bad at all”.

We are very happy with Dr. Dahl and her staff.”

Tonia, Ian and Rhianna Kennedy, Bettendorf

“The people of Bettendorf Dental are wonderful, courteous and caring. I have had nothing but good words to say. Dr. Dahl makes sure things are all right before letting you go. If you or Dr. Dahl are not satisfied you can come back until we are both completely satisfied. That’s good business.”

Margaret Foss, Bettendorf

“Dr. Dahl has been my son’s and my dentist for over 30 years. We were among her first patients. We initially chose her because of her pediatric background. My kids had a very unpleasant experience as a child and wanted to have a dentist they wouldn’t fear. Dr. Dahl is the BEST. She always listens to your concerns and fully explains every procedure. She is a professional and keeps up with all the newest dentistry practices. Her entire staff is just as professional and caring. I know that without her my dental condition would not be as good as it is today. I have healthy teeth and gums. Through Dr. Dahl’s encouragement and direction I am inspired to take better care of my teeth and visit her on a regular basis. Her care set the path for my children to practice healthy dental routines and not to fear dentistry. It saddens me to know I will no longer be able to use her for my dental care as I move to another state.”

Gail Brewster, Venice, Florida

“Dr. Dahl at Bettendorf Dental and its entire staff provides the ideal balance of professional care, friendliness and personal care and concern. They seek to understand their clients dental as well as personal needs and are tremendously sensitive to their patients fears and concerns. They adjust their treatment to the needs of their patients and are great at communicating whats being done, whats not and if the patient is comfortable. As a person who does not enjoy going to the dentist I always walk away satisfied with both results and personal care. I would travel for that just to have Dr. Dahl and her staff take care of me and my family.”

Marco Molinari, Bettendorf

“I first met Dr. Dahl in 1980, she was a senior dental student at the U of I in Iowa City. I was hoping for a women dental student and my prayers were answered. In the months that followed she molded all of my crowns. I had never experienced pain or had any of them replaced. The staff is polite and professional I would highly recommend Dr. Dahl for your dentist.”

Robert L May, Monroe, WI

“I moved to the Quad Cities area about 6 months ago and had the daunting task of finding a dentist.  I received a letter in the mail from Bettendorf Dental explaining their mission and the services they provided. I decided to take a chance and I can’t tell you how happy I am!  From the very first phone call explaining my complicated dental history of root canals, implants and tooth sensitivity to the staff, they immediately reassured me that Dr. Dahl and the entire dental staff could handle my needs. I couldn’t believe how kind, helpful, knowledgeable and sensitive to my fears everyone was and is!  You just don’t see that anymore!  I have now had an initial check-up and a cleaning and I keep having a WOW! experience.  I have been telling everyone at work they need to go there.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Christine C. Becker, Davenport

“Our whole family sees Dr. Dahl and her wonderful staff and always feels happy. We have a few “scardy cats” in our family and her staff knows just the right things to say to put them at ease. Plus, they always help us determine the best course for treatment with us in mind. We are grateful to have found such a caring dental practice. Thank you Dr. Dahl!”

Elizabeth Curtis, Davenport

“I have been with Dr. Dahl for quite a few years. I have always had excellent care there. They make you feel comfortable and are so cordial in every way.”

Carolyn Lane, Dewitt

Dr. Dahl’s practice has completely gotten rid of my fear of the dentist. She is so gentle withChad West any work she has to do for me, as well as very informative about the condition of my teeth and gums. Growing up my experiences with the dentist were absolutely horrifying. I was so reluctant about returning, but after someone told me about Dr. Dahl’s practice, I returned and am now cavity free. I am so free of my phobia of the dentist.

Chad M. West, Davenport

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